Author: Irene

How to Make Sure Your Supply Chain is Up-To-Date with Ethical Standards

Ethical audits are a way for companies to evaluate how ethical the suppliers within their supply chain are. Many businesses are blind – or intentionally turn a blind eye – to the ethical standards of their suppliers. However, to operate as a modern, ethical company that lives up to the standards of your consumers, you’ll […]

What Is Corporate Environmental Responsibility?

Understanding the concept of corporate environmental responsibility and making an impact on the environment  Corporate Environmental Responsibility has an aim to make humans more aware of the environmental impacts our companies and actions have on our carbon footprint.  Nowadays, people look at a company as a whole. It is no longer just about a product. […]

What Is Individual Environmental Responsibility?

Understanding an individual’s environmental responsibility and how we can become more environmentally responsible for generations to come  Whenever you take a deep breath of fresh air, do you ever think of how magnificent nature truly is? As humans, are we aware that it is our responsibility to take care of nature and its natural resources […]

What Is Biocentrism In Environmental Ethics?

Understanding the term Biocentrism in Environmental Ethics People are becoming more aware of the lives around them as well as the claim that we need to protect the environment and nature. Did you know that Biocentrism comes from the Greek word, ‘βίος bios’, Which means ‘life’, and ‘κέντρον kentron’, which means ‘center’?  Today, we will […]

What Is Anthropocentric Environmental Ethics?

Alisdair Cochrane is a British ethicist. He wrote for the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, “environmental ethics concerns human beings’ ethical relationship with the natural environment. What duties do humans have with respect to the environment, and why?”  We are going to look into the concept of Anthropocentric Environmental Ethics, the effects that it has had […]