Author: Irene

What Is Environmental Responsibility?

It might seem like a daunting task to take responsibility for the environment – one that often doesn’t feel like a priority when it comes to the many other things we are focused on in our day to day lives. But, as many environmental ethical philosophies teach us, humans must be held responsible to protecting […]

What Is Corporate Environmental Responsibility?

Understanding the concept of corporate environmental ethics and how it helps reduce companies’ environmental impacts The field of corporate environmental ethics aims to make humans more aware of the impacts our companies and actions have on our carbon footprints and the environment as a whole.  Nowadays, customers look at a company as a whole, rather […]

What Is Individual Environmental Responsibility?

Understanding an individual’s environmental responsibility and how we can become more environmentally responsible for generations to come  Individual environmental responsibility describes the personal responsibility each of us has to protect the natural world. We will examine individual environmental responsibility today, and why changing our actions is crucial to protecting the environment.   What Is Individual Environmental […]

What Is The Importance of Environmental Ethics?

Understanding the importance of environmental ethics and the role it plays in society   Environmental ethics is a branch of ethics that focuses on the human relationship to nature. There are multiple philosophies that argue for different understandings of our responsibility to nature. For example, some environmental ethical philosophies argue that humans are superior to nature, […]

What Is The EPA Responsible For?

Did you know that the United States has one of the safest and most reliable drinking water systems in the world? We have safe drinking water because the EPA has spent hundreds of hours developing plans, implementing them, and ensuring their effectiveness. And it’s not just water that the EPA protects; the EPA works to […]

What Is Biocentrism?

Understanding the Term Biocentrism in Environmental Ethics As environmentalism becomes more popular, many people are becoming more aware of the lives around them, as well as the claim that we need to protect nature. There are many different environmental ethics, or philosophies, that can help us examine and understand the human relationship with the natural […]

What Is Ecocentrism in Philosophy and Environmental Ethics?

Understanding the Concept of Ecocentrism in Philosophy Ecocentrism is the idea that all things, living and nonliving, have intrinsic value. Ecocentrism is a philosophy within environmental ethics, as it organizes human moral standing in relation to other life and things; in the case of ecocentrism, all is equal. Ecocentrism is often considered an “ecosystem-based” system […]

What Is Anthropocentrism in Environmental Ethics?

Environmental ethics is the study of of the human relationship to the environment. While there are many different environmental ethical philosophies, each helps us answer one important question: what is our duty to the environment? Anthropocentrism is one of the main branches of environmental philosophy. It argues that human beings are more important than other […]