The Difference Between Conservation, Preservation and Restoration

Conservation, preservation and restoration are all terms related to the protection of nature. However, there are some key differences. 

What is conservation? Conservation is the protection of nature through proper use. This concept includes conservation of wildlife and of natural environments. Conservationists believe that natural resources can be used, but they must be used in a way that is sustainable and responsible so that we can continue to use those resources.

Unlike conservation, what does preservation emphasize? Preservation is the protection of nature from any use or human interference. Preservationists push to protect areas of land from any alteration.

How is restoration related? Restoration is the process of returning degraded environments to their natural condition. Like conservation and preservation, restoration emphasizes protection of nature, but it takes it one step further to bring nature back to what it looked like before human actions had an impact.

Learn more about restoration, preservation and conservation of wildlife and natural environments in this infographic.

unlike conservation what does preservation emphasize